Katayoun Rouhi  

2019 - Shirin Gallery, A Garden Beyond, TEHRAN

'A garden beyond', exposition individuelle. Novembre 2019, Tehran. JPEG - 28.7 ko
’A garden beyond’, exposition individuelle. Novembre 2019, Tehran.

“A garden beyond”
If the viewer could see, beyond the outward patterns, another one from his inner self, to take him not to other seasons and gardens here and there, but to another season and the garden trees of his unknown inner self, I would then say to myself that I have reached my goal , that these trees have been the seasons of my passage through my own inner self and therefore portray “a garden beyond”.

SITE DE LA GALERIE : http://www.shiringallery.com/exhibitions/a-garden-beyond

 MPEG4 - 5 Mo
Aperçu vidéo de l’exposition