Katayoun Rouhi  

Shirin Art Gallery, TEHRAN (EN)

Affiche de l’exposition

This is a dialogue between poetry and painting.
The movement of the poem acting as the first word, the painting symbolising the first image.
The sens of the poem is the reason for the painting. The meeting-point of poetry and painting equates to the creation of a third space, where they blend together ; consume each other.
The image of the painting constructs our memory ; As in a game where, in order to reveal the truth of image, the rules imply the existence of a memory, capable of seeing through the different aspects of the visible, to have access, gradually, to the essence of things-hidden, invisible.

VIRTUAL VISIT OF THE EXHIBITION : http://www.360cities.net/image/shirin-art-gallery-nov-2015-katayoun-rouhi-visible-image-and-concealed-poetry-02

SITE DE LA GALERIE SHIRIN : http://www.shiringallery.com/


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