Katayoun Rouhi  


Born in Iran on december 1965
Working and living in Paris

The pictoriality of painting and the orality of poetry come across one another in my work and resonate together. It is concerned with the poësis of painting, its very beginning, and searches for the essential link between poetry and representation. I say that I paint poems. They tell me about my painting and present in a graphic way what my painting attempts to reveal through visual signs. I make out a singular being in my paintings. This singularity is achieved through his memory in a kind of game where the image gradually appears. It comes into existence by the way it is made, thanks to the closeness of the viewer.

Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris, painting section.
Doctorate in Aesthetics and Sciences of Art from Paris I, Panthéon-sorbonne.

Solo Exhibition
2023 : HCE Gallery, Mundus Imaginalis, Saint-Denis, France.
2019 : Shirin art Gallery, A Garden Beyond, Téhéran, Iran.
2019 : HCE Galerie, Quand la nature se dérobe (with Eizo Sakkata), Saint Denis, France.
2018 : Haleh Gallery, Mundus Imaginalis, Munich, Germany.
2017 : HCE Gallery, Ecritures de l’Ombre (with Rachid Koreichi), Saint Denis, France.
2015 : Shirin Art Gallery, Visible Image and Concealed Poetry, Tehran, Iran.
2013 : AB Gallery, Where is my friend’s home ?, Zurich, Switzerland.
2012 : National Theatre of Nacelle, Aubergenville, France.
2011 : Taïss Gallery, Ut Poesis Pictura (with Kambiz Sabri), Paris, France.

Group Exhibition
2023 : 17th Tehran Auction Modern and Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran.
2023 : SOAS Gallery, The Future of Traditions, London, UK.
2022 : Institut des cultures d’Islam, Silsila, Paris, France.
2021 : Abou Dhabi Art Fair, Shirin Gallery, Abou Dhabi, Emirats.
2021 : Menar Art Fair, Shirin Gallery, Paris, France.
2020 : HCE Galerie, Subjectile, Saint Denis, France.
2020 : Haleh Gallery, Chiaroscuro, Münich, Germany.
2020 : Tir Art Fair, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2019 : Haleh Gallery, Disobedient, Münich, Germany.
2018 : Artéva, Nantes, France.
2018 : MOP Foundation, Los Angeles, USA.
2017 : Gerald Moore Gallery, The Ocean Can Be Yours, London, UK.
2017 : MOP Foundation in Monaco, Monaco.
2016 : Ismaïli Center, Writing of Art, London, UK.
2016 : Museum of contemporary art, Persian Blue, Ahvaz, Iran.
2014 : International Auction-artshow, maison Ader, Paris, France.
2011 : Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France.
2011 : International Auction-artshow, Christie’s, Doha, Qatar.
2011 : International Auction-artshow, Christie’s, Paris, France.
2011 : International Auction-artshow, Sotheby’s, London, UK.

Skironio foundation and museum, Athens, Greece.
Meshkinfam foundation and museum, Shiraz, Iran.

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