Katayoun Rouhi  



Différentes participations aux ventes aux...

Différentes participations aux ventes aux enchères :
09/2018 : Magic of Persia, fundraising exhibition and auction | Los Angeles
02/2018 : Houman Charity, auction
07/2017 : Magic of Persia, fundraising exhibition and auction | Monaco
2008 - 2015 : Consultation via artnet


Haleh Gallery, MUNICH

Pluralism is the central theme of Haleh Gallery’s exhibition DISOBEDIENT. Not only our society is shaped by plurality, but also the artistic expression of the artists, represented by Haleh Gallery, is diverse and manifold. The group exhibition DISOBEDIENT presents a selection of works on paper and sculptures by seven international artists. With the exhibition DISOBEDIENT we want to liberate the artists from any curatorial straightjacket in order to provide a platform to present the pluralism (...)